Newspapers from prison: La Voz del Patio

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La Voz del Patio is a newspaper produced by a group of inmates in Burgos prison who participate in an educational workshop on the written press. (Photo of the Oct-Dec issue) Published by the Caja de Burgos
Foundation and the “la Caixa” Foundation and backed by the Burgos Penitentiary Centre, La Voz del Patio is published every four months, in the format of a 24-page, full-colour tabloid newspaper with a print run of 6,500 copies. It is an inclusive and collaborative publication, aimed both at the inmates themselves and all the staff who, directly or indirectly, work in the institution, as well as society as a whole.

La Voz del Patio aims to serve as a vehicle for improving the skills and abilities of inmates and to reinforce a series of fundamental values for their future social and occupational integration.

This initiative, a pioneer in the field of Penitentiary Institutions, also aims to be an integrating project between all the actors of the Spanish penitentiary system and to generate a real, credible and positive image of a segment of the population with low visibility.

An opening theme about a programme for the rational use of medicines and the setting up of an ad hoc opioid treatment unit opens the new issue of La Voz del Patio (see photo).

The issue is completed with an interview with the person in charge of this same treatment once out of prison, which is managed through the Red Cross. The report ends with information on the latest drug that is causing havoc in the United States, fentanyl, a substance that has already been seized in Burgos prison on two occasions.

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