Newspapers from prison – Realta prison in Switzerland

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Sentences is a small-scale newspaper created by some incarcerated men in the open-regime prison of Realta in the Canton of Grisons in Switzerland. The teacher in basic education motivated some of his students to start editing the newspaper. Its title sentences has been chosen by the involved detainees and is obviously a somewhat (self-)ironical wordplay.

Sentences is directed only to the people inside the prison, detainees and prison staff.

So, it’s very different approach as the one of La Voz del Patio in Spanish Burgos prison. The main aim of the newspaper is to entertain the prisoners. It is a mixture of more or less up-to-date informative articles and some brain jogging.

Sentences is a good example of how a newspaper can be edited with least of resources.

There is (almost) no money needed but time. It’s done with the most common software. As it is not so institutionalised it depends much on a willing person to do the work of an editor.