“Forbitten to touch” project wins Italian Teacher Prize.

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Am Italian project aim to normalize prison schools and create equal conditions as other schools outsite prison

They to with the aims to

  1. Allow students/prisoners to experience success and a sense of self-efficacy in a field, new to many of them, which is a scientific culture and giving students the new identity of trainers;
  2. Promote the exchange of experiences between “inside and outside”. Mutual enrichment in terms of human experience is expected from the meeting between students and teachers from outside and students inside;
  3. Spread good teaching/learning practices in the field. The teaching method used, is in line with recent research in mathematics education. This will allow the prison school of Bicocca to become a point of reference for the school realities of the area, and the visiting teachers to replicate the teaching experiences learned in their schools.

The “Forbidden not to touch” project, won the Italian Teacher Prize, by Professor Daniela Ferrarello.

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