Shakespeare under lock

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Andy Van Kerschaver
Andy Van Kerschaver

EPEA Branch Klasbak spoke to actor Andy Van Kerschaver about drama workshops in the prison of Beveren

Klasbak spoke to Andy Van Kerschaver. Actor, actor, teacher and a Shakespeare lover with a heart for people in detention. As part of his teacher training for drama, he decided to start an educational project: drama workshops with prisoners. He ventured into a Shakespeare classic; Macbeth. A piece of theater history with murder, ambition, spirituality and fate as the main ingredients. Challenging and daring themes to work on within the prison walls.

Back to basics
Andy worked with an enthusiastic group of prisoners. Everyone was welcome and could sign up for the course. For 12 weeks he tried to hold a 2-hour session every week. In terms of composition, this group changed continuously. “Sometimes 8 detainees came, another 5 and sometimes someone I hadn’t seen in weeks. This was really flexible, “explains Andy.

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