International footballtournament in Dordrecht prison (NL) with many former prof. football-players

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Football players in prison

The Dordrecht Prison in the Netherlands has been alive with international football-energy. Apart from Dutch teams, teams from Belgium, Germany and Ireland tried to win this third edition of Euro Football. The teams consist of (ex-) prisoners, (ex-)prof. football players, prison staff ánd professionals in the care-industry.

Dordrecht-Prison was represented by a team of prisoners and prison staff. It was the 3rd time this tournament took place, earlier editions were held in (2016) and Veenhuizen (2017). These prisons also sent a team to Dordrecht. The day has been entirely in honour of re-integration of prisoners.

The Goal Foundation (Krimpen a/d IJssel) was represented by a team led by former football pro John van Loen. The Goal-Foundation supports talented prisoners towards a football club. Last but not least FC De Rebellen (the name does not need translation I guess) was one of the teams in this tournament; the team consists of former football players that have met with “less positive sides of live”.


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