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Writing the history of Prison Education
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November 2018 – Copenhagen Four of EPEA’s legends recently met in Copenhagen to strategize the writing of the history of prison education. As we all know, the first real EPEA Steering Committee was formed after the acceptance of the constitution … Read More

M.S.’s story: Life without smoking
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November 2018 – Volos, Greece We experience authentic moments in our school, the Annex of the 6th Gymnasium of Volos which is housed in the Juvenile Prison of Volos. It does not matter whether they are dark moments. We open … Read More

PEC-NL’s Changing Landscapes mentioned as good example
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November 2018 – the Netherlands The Prison Education Consortium Netherlands (PEC-NL) has submitted an (Erasmus+  ed.note) application as a consortium themed: Changing Landscapes. The organizations are all concerned with education for people who are facing a form of sanction execution … Read More

Numbers & figures of prison education in Italy
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November 2018 – Italy Prison treatment and the role of education The main aim of prison school in Italy is to teach literacy:  where in 1958, at the time of the establishment of the Prison Schools, it was almost exclusively … Read More

Cultural programme: I Care and Act – about a meeting between 2 schools and a comic book
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November 2018 – Volos, Greece Our first meeting On Thursday 23 March 2018, there was a meeting at our school, the Secondary School in Juvenile Prison in Volos, Greece, under the programme “I Care and Act” between the students of … Read More

E/L-motion: unconventional community networks and learning
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November 2018 – Cyprus Eurosuccess Consulting is participating in the European project E/I-motion: Unconventional Community Networks and Learning in support of Marginalised Youth Integration, which is co-funded by the European Commission under the program Erasmus+ (Action KA2) About the project E/I-motion is … Read More

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