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Australia, USA, Europe and their shared footprint in prison education
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ACEA, AEC and EPEA meet in Australia. The EPEA was generously invited to attent the 13th ACEA Conference on Prison Education that was held in Canberra Australia in the beginning of October 2017. Ray Chavez, chair of ACEA (Australasian Correctional … Read More

European Literacy and Citizenship Education
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The development of nationalistic viewpoints and the overall decline in interest for the original European project show a need for an input in European literacy and intercultural, inclusive, approaches. The Elicit+ project -European Literacy and Citizenship Education+- which lasted for … Read More

Klasbak Kick-off – Mechelen Belgium – 8 December 2017
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EPEA was invited to give a presentation during this month’s Kick off meeting of our Belgian Branch “Klasbak”. Klasbak is Flandres Adult Education providers consortium focussed on and providing education in prisons. It turned out to be a very inspiring … Read More

International Network of Penitentiary Education in the Eastern Partnership
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International network of penitentiary education in the countries of Eastern Partnership and Central Asia has been created   On July 18, 2017, the International Network of Penitentiary Education in the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia (Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, … Read More

Doctorate by Dorien Brosens
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Dorien Brosens has recently completed her doctorate on: “Participation in Prison Programmes – Profile of (non)-participants, encouraging and discouraging factors” To view the contents of this research click here. Please contact Dorien at for more information.

Romanian prisons celebrate The National Day of Education in Prison
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When education transcends a prisons` bars, punishment becomes lore and time wins new valency. Thereby, given that evolution depends on knowledge, the Romanian prison system celebrates, day after day, education, this toilsome journey from darkness to light. Seeing that an … Read More

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