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Scandinavian Penal History
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We would like to bring to your attention a book which was published in London in May Scandinavian Penal History, Culture and Prison Practice. This book draws on historical and cross-disciplinary studies to critically examine penal practices in Scandinavia and contains chapters … Read More

EPEA reply hearing on new recommendation
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The EPEA will replied a hearing on the suggested recommendation on the role and responsibilities of internet intermediaries. The EPEA argue that prison services should provide internet for prisoners for education and other rehabilitation purposes. The EPEA finds support in … Read More

ICPA/EuroPris Confernce on technology in prison
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The 2nd international conference on technology in prison last May 2017 had prison education as one of their main themes for the conference. Besides education providers of offender management systems, foot chain systems and surveilles equipment, major providers of Prison … Read More

Announcement: EPEA General Council
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The Secretary of the EPEA announce that EPEA General Council will take place on: Friday the 17th of November 2017 9.00 to 10.15 at Flemming Hotel, Vienna, Austria Notices of motion shall be received by the Secretary no later than … Read More

Summer session 2017 at CoE – INGO participation for 40 years.
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This year it was the occasion to look back 40 years to the first meeting of the Conference of INGOs and to reflect on the progress made over the years. It  was also the occasion to welcome new NGOsto the … Read More

Important agreement signed by CPIA 3 of Rome and Regina Coeli Penitentiary Institution
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On 4th May, an agreement has been signed between Regina Coeli Penitentiary Institution  and CPIA 3 of Rome (3rd Adult Education District Centre in Rome) according to the following: 27th of the Italian Constitution and Law 345/1975 where it is … Read More

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