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2018 International Day of Education in Prison – SDE Larisas Prison School, Greece
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November 2018 – Larisas, Greece The International Day of Education in Prison 2018 was celebrated in the Second Chance School Unit that functions in the Larisas Prison. The school unit has been operating in the Prison for 14 years, providing … Read More

2018 International Day of Prison Education – Avlonas Prison for Young Offenders, Greece
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November 2018 – Larisas Prison, Greece On Monday 15th October, the teachers and students of the Gymnasium and Lyceum that operates within the Avlonas Prison for Young Offenders decided to set aside the curriculum and celebrate, instead, the International Day … Read More

Portuguese Prison Education Association
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November 2018 – Portugal On the 17th of November the first General Assembly Meeting of the Associação Portuguesa de Educação nas Prisões (APEnP) – Portuguese Prison Education Association, was held at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), in … Read More

Educate in Citizenship Values, engines to avoid radicalization
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November 2018 – Spain The Further Learning School (CEPER in Spanish) Retamar is located inside the El Acebuche Penitentiary Center, in Almería (Andalusia, Spain). At the beginning of 2012, an Italian school with interest in requesting an adult learning association … Read More

Vento da Sud – Wind from the South: a social inclusion project for young offenders
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November 2018 – Italy Wind from the South (Vento da Sud) is a social inclusion project promoted by two non-profit associations, “Centro Koros” and “Eterotopia, laboratorio navigante”, with the support of Unione Italiana Vela Solidale. It is sponsored by the … Read More

Call for Submissions: 12 – 16 June 2019 International Training Conference ‘Past, present and future of prison education’ in Dublin
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The EPEA steering Committee is thrilled to present this call for submissions for our 2019 International Training Conference: Conference dates: 12th – 16th June 2019 Conference Theme: ‘Past, present and future of prison education’ This edition will be as inspiring … Read More

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