COVID-19 – Protection concept – Prison Education in the prison of Affoltern, Zurich (EN/GE)
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Implementation when group lessons are resumed Time schedule June 8th / 9th  2020                     Level assessment in 4 groups of 3 participants each June 15th 2020 Restart group lessons in the usual form, but with adapted rules of conduct. Group size … Read More

The Corona Crisis demands everything from us (EN/DE)
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By THOMAS WÜTHRICH, Switzerland, EPEA Regional Representative Cental Region. “I was so happy when I could at least teach my students again individually although only behind a separating screen. After weeks without direct contact, it was like a release from … Read More

Switzerland: Status report on prison education (EN/DE)
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By: Thomas Wüthrich, Representative Central Region, Secretary of SWIPEA, For the past 5 weeks, the teaching of basic education has not taken place in most of the penal institutions, or not as usual. In about a quarter of the 30 … Read More

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